About Us

The love of dance

What happens when glitter and feathers meet business and branding.

Whether you're falling in love with dance, coming back, or have never stopped; we've got a lot to show you. From inspiration to tutorials, audition tips to injury prevention, we are the first digital magazine dedicated to helping dancers rise up, both physically and mentally.


First: a little history:

Our journey in partnership began in 2011 when we met each other after accidentally being double booked in a space. Since then it’s been nothing but dreams, adventures, failures, and victories.

We began with two studios: Room to Dance and World to Dance, both offering classes for adults, one traditional dance, one world dance. With a very intentional focus on the kind of culture we wanted in our space, we quickly became known as the most welcoming place for dancers.

When we merged the two together, we became Infuse Dance Collective, grew our adult-only studio to capacity, and launched an Accelerator program. Infuse Dance Accelerator takes a small group of dancers through six months of dance technique and curriculum ranging from choreography to injury prevention, dance history to business courses for a full, 360 degree immersion into all things dance.

Which brings us to present day. In 2017 we decided that we had too many resources, too much information, and loved dance too much to be contained to a single geographical space. After months of emo, angsty deliberation, several failures, and an "a-ha!" moment or two, this magazine was born.

Our magazine is our way of tackling the hundreds of ways we see dancers struggle and celebrate. The goal is to creatively equip them to stay connected to their love of dance, mind, body, and spirit.


All articles are written by Julie and April in our own unfiltered ways and edited by Amanda Ridder.

All photos are from our in-house photographer, Nicholas Shorter, Unsplash, or taken from Death to the Stock Photo, an awesome little company that curates beautiful photos from independent photographers, providing beautifully creative fuel in lieu of generic stock photos.

This is where technique meets soul...dive in.

Meet the trailblazers behind Infuse Dance Collective: